The California Prune Board has been operating in the U.S. since 1952. During that time, California Prunes have been sought after as a low-glycemic, high-fiber, and satisfying snack for consumers of all ages.

Popular Uses

California Prunes are a year-round staple in American kitchens. Whether they’re whole, diced or puréed, there are endless ways to cook and bake with California Prunes. Americans often snack on prunes but also use them to replace fat in baked goods, enhance flavour in appetizers, and even add them as the secret ingredient in their evening cocktails.

Local Events

The California Prune Board is represented annually at the Registered Dietician Academy, where dietitians sing the praises of this nutrient powerhouse. The California Prune Board also supplies California Prunes for attendees to enjoy at the annual Ag Day at the California Capitol.

Cultural Significance

With 3 g of fibre per serving and no added sugars, low-glycemic California Prunes are a naturally sweet, fat-free, and gut-friendly food, which is why Americans have always loved California Prunes. While California Prunes were first known for their gut health benefits, recent studies support that California Prunes are just as good for your bones.