South Korea

South Korean consumers are health conscious and, with healthy and functional food products trending, California Prunes – a natural food offering various health benefits – are well-placed to accommodate the demands and needs of South Korean consumers.

Popular Uses

Various types of drinks, with gut health benefits and low calories, are made using California Prunes. The natural sweetness and rich nutrients, as well as the digestive health benefits of California Prunes, are important factors that lead food companies to choose California Prunes, especially in the beverage sector’

Cultural Significance

South Koreans are relatively open to discussing digestive health and sharing their experiences of the functional foods they use to promote good gut health. Mums-to-be and mums with young children typically avoid taking medicines, and they actively share information about the functional benefits of including California Prunes in their families’ diet.

Lots of South Korean women are highly conscious about their lean body shape. Recently, not only women but also health-conscious men consumers are seeking for diets that can keep their body in shape.  For that purpose, more and more young South Korean consumers are consuming California Prunes.