The California Prune Board has been operating in Japan for over 30 years. During that time, California Prunes have grown to be one of the two iconic dried fruits known and consumed throughout the country.


Popular Uses

Prunes are valued in Japan as a source of nutrients, which can be eaten as they are, or with yoghurt for gut health. Bakery products made with prune purée have a moist and spongy texture that is also popular. Some of them have become long seller or million seller items.


Local Events

Japanese schools or companies typically provide annual health checkups for free in spring.  So, the Japanese people become more health conscious before and after the checkup season and eat more prunes.


Cultural Significance

Japan is highly susceptible to major earthquakes and tsunamis as well as extreme weather conditions, such as typhoons. Prunes have become increasingly important for the Japanese people as an emergency food to stockpile. Video: Aristology for Living Through Major Disasters