China & Hong Kong

The Chinese market has experienced rapid structural changes in the past two decades, and has seen strong domestic consumption and increased disposable income that continues to drive the demand for high-quality imported food in China.

California Prunes are loved by Chinese consumers for their unique flavour and rich nutritional value. For more information about California Prunes in China, please click here.

Popular Uses

China has a large population and growing disposable income has brought huge business opportunities to California Prunes. The characteristics of California Prunes and Prune products are in line with Chinese consumers’ pursuit of a healthy diet.

Local Events

California Prunes actively participate in and sponsor various activities in China- marathons, for example – in order to raise Chinese consumers’ awareness of California Prunes and to expand their influence with nationwide nutritionists, sports enthusiasts and young generations. In addition, California Prunes are widely used in traditional Chinese cuisine, such as dim sum, mooncake and rice pudding. Please visit the California Prunes China website to learn more about how California Prunes can be incorporated into traditional Chinese food.

Cultural Significance

Nowadays, every Chinese consumer pursues the idea of ‘eating healthy’. The high-quality and healthy characteristics of California Prunes are precisely what Chinese consumers value. ‘Prunes. For life.’ makes Chinese people’s daily delicacies more perfect and healthy.