Prune, Thyme and Shallot Tarte Tatin



Christmas is looking set to be a little more special this year. Chef and California Prune Board ambassador, Peter Sidwell, has whipped up a series of his favourite festive recipes so you can treat your loved ones to delicious culinary creations sprinkled with some Californian magic.


Peter Sidwell

Kickstart Christmas morning with a zesty California Prune, apple, and cherry Christmas jam with spiced fruit bread, slowly savoured alongside a steaming cup of tea before the festivities fly into full swing.

Peter’s delicious California Prune sausage rolls


Feeling peckish? Take the edge off post-gift-giving hunger with a delicious snack in the shape of Peter’s succulent California Prune sausage rolls. Wrapped up in a puff pastry parcel, our prunes pair perfectly with sausage meat, sage, and fennel.


Ham is always a popular addition to the holiday season, and Peter’s ham glazed in California Prune juice and ginger makes a mouthwatering alternative to turkey. Prefer poultry? For a twist on yuletide tradition, try Peter’s creative combination, which beautifully blends California Prunes, bacon, and walnuts with a tasty turkey leg.


Mincemeat tart with California Prunes


For a tasty, vegetarian alternative this Christmas, who not give Peter’s California Prune, thyme, and shallot tarte tatin a go (pictured, above)? Packed with texture, flavour and nutrients, this dish magnificently mingles tangy balsamic vinegar with the sweetness of shallots and our California Prunes.


Christmas isn’t Christmas without a sneaky 40 winks on the sofa before launching into leftovers and sweet treats. Tuck into Peter’s tantalising mincemeat tart, which combines California Prunes, oranges, and cranberries for a zingy alternative to a Christmas classic.



From spicy to salty, and savoury to sweet, California Prunes pair incredibly with a range of different flavours. To transform your taste buds, learn more about our prune pairings here. Alternatively, visit our Recipes section for foodie inspiration and even more of Peter’s delicious California Prune-packed recipes.