Strong, healthy bones are the foundation for lifelong vitality, and the key to building and maintaining them lies in a healthy lifestyle, a good diet and regular exercise.

The majority of peak bone mass is acquired by the age of 18 in girls and age 20 in boys[1], so developing bone-friendly eating habits and a healthy lifestyle in childhood can help prevent osteoporosis and fractures in later life.

California Prunes contain a range of important nutrients for the maintenance of normal bones, including vitamin K and manganese, and can be used as a deliciously sweet ingredient in a range of dishes, or enjoyed as a tasty and portable snack.

To encourage families to get bone-healthy together, we’ve chosen some of our favourite recipes, which everyone can get involved in creating and sharing.  Each dish contains succulent and ever-versatile California Prunes, which are a sure-fire, sweet and satisfying way to help maintain healthy bones. Enjoy!

For family members on the go, try our trail mix for a satisfyingly sweet crunch:

Containing a double whammy of bone-friendly food, this salmon and prune dish makes a delicious tea-time treat:

Looking for a light lunch with a punch? Seasonal squash combines exquisitely with California Prunes for a tasty salad:

With the Autumn nights closing in, there’s nothing better than a warming soup:

Share a sweet treat with these delicious prune and chocolate cookies:


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