Pannacotta Tart

Makes: 6-8Prep Time: 30 minutes + 3 hours resting + 5 hours refrigeratingCook Time: 30 minutes


  • For the shortcrust pastry:
  • 230g plain flour
  • 30g potato starch or cornflour
  • 150g soft butter
  • 120g icing sugar
  • 45g oat flour
  • 1 large egg
  • 2g fine salt
  • ½ vanilla pod
  • For the panna cotta:
  • 500 ml fresh cream
  • 100g sugar
  • 10g gelatin sheets
  • ½ vanilla pod
  • For the California Prunes and chocolate sauce
  • 4 California Prunes
  • 125 ml water
  • 50g caster sugar
  • 20g unsweetened cocoa powder


For the shortcrust pastry:

  1. Sift the flour, starch, icing sugar and oatmeal together
  2. Add the soft butter in chunks and work with your fingers or using a mixer until you have a sandy mixture
  3. Now add the egg, salt and vanilla. Work quickly to mix all the ingredients together
  4. Shape into a ball, wrap in cling film and place in the fridge to rest for at least 2 hours
  5. After the resting time, roll out the shortcrust pastry into a disk about 4 mm thick and cover a buttered and floured 30 cm mould (better if microperforated)
  6. If you have any leftover pastry, make some leaf (or other) shapes for decoration
  7. Transfer to the freezer and leave to rest for at least an hour
  8. Preheat the oven to 160 °C
  9. Take the shortcrust pastry out of the freezer and place it in the oven.  Bake for about 30 minutes until golden brown. If you’re making pastry leaves, make sure they don’t burn!

For the panna cotta:

  1. Soak the gelatine sheets in cold water
  2. Pour the cream into a saucepan with the sugar and heat until it boils
  3. Stir to dissolve the sugar completely
  4. Turn off the heat, squeeze out the gelatine and add it to the cream, stirring until the gelatine is completely dissolved
  5. Leave to cool slightly and then pour or pipe the cream into the shortcrust pastry shell
  6. Leave to cool, then refrigerate for at least 5 hours until the cream has thickened

For the California Prunes and chocolate sauce:

  1. Soak California Prunes in water and let them sit for 30 minutes
  2. Add the sugar and put on the heat. Stir and mash with a spoon to dissolve the prunes
  3. Add the sifted cocoa powder and mix well
  4. Blend everything with a hand blender until you have a very smooth sauce
  5. Leave to cool at room temperature and then refrigerate until ready to use

To serve:

  1. When the pannacotta has thickened, take the tart and pour the California Prunes and chocolate sauce over it. Leave to rest in the fridge until ready to serve
  2. Decorate with the pastry leaves, and perhaps some spring flowers
  3. Cut into slices and serve your mum first!


Ingredients amounts are for a 30 cm diameter cake. For the cake in the photo Teresa used the Ice glow mould by Silikomart. If you want to use it too, half a dose of shortcrust pastry will be enough


Teresa Balzano