Eight Treasure Rice Pudding

Who knew that we had a wonderful Chef in the California Prune Camp!

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, Amber from our office in China has developed a delicious California Prune Rice Pudding recipe It’s a traditional Chinese eight-treasure rice pudding (Babaofan), meaning harmony and safe of family. Amber incorporated CA Prunes into the traditional recipe to imply a sweet and shining life. We hope that you enjoy this recipe and wish you a fruitful new year.

Makes: 4 peoplePrep Time: 15 minutes plus 4 hours' or overnight pre-soaking of the rice and an hour's steamingCook Time: 1 hour's steaming


  • 400g round glutinous rice
  • 200g red bean paste
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tbsp lard
  • 4-5 California Prunes
  • 3g candied melon
  • 4 jujube, halved
  • 3g peanuts (or as desired)
  • 3g Lotus seeds (or as desired)
  • 10 raisins (or as desired)


  1. Wash the glutinous rice, then soak for about 4 hours or overnight.
  2. Steam the rice for 1 hour.
  3. Add the lard and sugar to the steamed rice and mix well.
  4. Take a clean bowl and brush with a thin layer of lard.
  5. Arrange the California Prunes, peanuts, lotus seeds, jujube, candied melon and raisins on the bottom of the bowl (this will show on top when you flip over) in your chosen design.
  6. Add 2/3rds of the rice and hollow out a space in the middle
  7. Fill the hollow with the red bean paste, then add the remaining rice in a layer over the top of the pudding, and press flat.
  8. Steam for 1 hour.
  9. Flip the bowl over onto a clean plate, and will you have a beautiful and mouth-watering Babaofan.


Amber Feng

Amber Feng

Amber is the account manager for California Prunes in mainland China and Hong Kong. She also enjoys cooking and adding her own twist to recipes.