California Prune Butter

The taste of the prunes and the maple syrup work really well together. Turning them into butter ensures they are not too sweet either. You can use the butter on a savoury dish or a sweet one.


  • 12-15 dried California Prunes
  • 150 gm unsalted butter (room temperature)
  • maple syrup to cover
  • pinch sea salt


1. Fill a small jar with California Prunes
2. Cover with real maple syrup (not maple flavoured syrup)
3. Cover tightly and leave to infuse at least 24 hours or more – it won’t hurt if you leave it longer.
4. In a food processor whizz the butter until it softens, add the prunes and gradually trickle in the maple syrup until you like the
taste and consistency.
5. Make sure the butter and prunes are thoroughly mixed. Add a pinch of salt.
6. Place in a container and refrigerate until needed.
7. Take out of the fridge about 10-15 minutes before needed to make it easier to put some on top of your pancakes, steak, French toast etc.
8. Enjoy!


Heidi Roberts