24th May 2021


From plum tree to plate: how the California Prune Board can help retailers capture consumer trust

The provenance of food is an increasing driver for consumers, fuelled by the demand for greater transparency around supply chains, sustainability, and nutrition. With six in ten global consumers interested in learning more about the origin of foods[1], it’s also an area the California Prune Board can help manufacturers and retailers capitalise on with its own produce.


Renowned for its rigorous agricultural standards, fertile soil, and ubiquitous sunshine, California is responsible for 99 percent of the total production of US prunes, and 40 percent of the world’s supply. Combined with the state-of-the-art growing and drying methods used by California’s prune growers, the result is a premium prune famed for its size, consistency, and sweetness.

The ‘California difference’ is a perception held globally, with research revealing 44 percent of international consumers singled out California/USA as the origin they would prefer to buy the next time they’re shopping for prunes. More than half of consumers also singled out California/USA as producing the best prunes[2].

Esther Ritson-Elliott, Director of International Marketing and Communications for the California Prune Board, explains: “There are a number of reasons why the world comes to California for its prunes. Not only are we the most reliable source of consistently premium produce, as an industry we invest heavily in everything from farming and research through to the global promotion of California Prunes in our existing and new markets.”

California Prune growers have perfected growing and harvesting techniques over generations to produce the ultimate crop. It’s this expertise, combined with exceptional growing conditions and high-quality agricultural standards that has led to California becoming the world’s trusted leader in prune production.

Esther adds: “For consumers seeking reassurance on food safety, quality, and point of origin, displaying the California designation can give peace of mind by denoting quality and taste. To support food manufacturers and retailers looking to give greater transparency, and tap into the appeal California Prunes hold for consumers, the California Prunes logo is available to license for use on packaging free of charge.”

For more information on California Prunes, visit www.californiaprunes.net

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