Whether you’ve alleviated lockdown boredom with a spot of spring cleaning or spent your newly-acquired spare time experimenting in the kitchen, 2020 has certainly been the year to get reacquainted with the back of your store cupboard.

Christmas is likely to be very different this year, and with more of us of staying at home, now’s the time to look at your pantry contents in a whole new light. Dried fruit, nuts, condiments, herbs, pulses… it’s amazing how store cupboard ingredients can add cheer – and in some cases, a tasty nutritional boost – to your home-cooked festive fayre.

Innovation Chef and California Prune Board Ambassador, Peter Sidwell

California Prunes ambassador and chef, Peter Sidwell has raided his pantry and whipped up a divine yuletide feast, using California-origin prunes and walnuts, combined with a dash of herbs, spices and even mulled wine.

His mouth-watering Turkey Leg stuffed with California Prunes, Walnut and Bacon gives the traditional Christmas bird a succulent twist. Follow his video here and liven up your festive palette with the sweet taste of California Prunes.

If you’re all about comfort food this Christmas (and fancy a change from 2020’s ubiquitous banana bread), master-chocolatier, Stefano Collomb’s deliciously festive panettone is available to purchase directly from his ‘Chocolat’ store in Thuile, Italy.

Stefano’s delicious ‘Panettone Incanto’[i] beautifully combines California Prunes with a sumptuous chocolate filing to add moisture, sweetness and texture to this Christmas favourite.

The panettone, which stays fresh for up to three weeks, can be shipped to the UK from Stefano’s confectionary-chocolatier, Chocolat. To order, contact Chocolat on +39 0165 884783. € 18,00 for 500g, excluding shipping.  Orders need to be placed by 10th December 2020.

Whatever your plans this year, we wish you a very, merry Christmas and bright and beautiful 2021.

[i] Panettone Incanto ingredients: flour, small pieces of California Prune, dark and milk chocolate, butter, eggs, sugar, honey, natural yeast, flavouring (fresh lemon and orange zest and vanilla). Glaze: dark chocolate, hazelnut paste, pieces of California Prunes and caramelize hazelnuts.