Prune, Thyme and Shallot Tarte Tatin

California Prunes – very versatile, terrifically tasty, cupboard safe


With UK shelves running low on some produce, pantry heroes like dried fruit and nuts are ready to come to the rescue!

Not only can California Prunes be safely stored in your cupboard for up to a year, they double up as both a handy snack and a cooking ingredient. Best of all, the nutritional profile of our purple wonders makes them a mighty match for fresh fruit and vegetables, with just a handful of prunes equivalent to one of your five a day.

Tasty. Sweet. Versatile. We can’t sing the praises of California Prunes highly enough. From puddings to savoury dishes, there are so many different ways you can sprinkle some Californian sunshine into your meals.



Plants make the perfect partner

Plant-based foods are on the rise. But for those who still like a little bit of meat, some retailers have created a way to reduce meat content, without losing the flavour or texture. Meat-plant blends use natural ingredients like mushrooms, dried fruit, and sweet potato to replace some of the meat.

If you’re looking to experiment with meat-plant blends in the comfort of your own kitchen, might we suggest using our prunes? They make the perfect partner in a meat-plant blend because they add succulence, taste, and texture, and help improve the moisture content.

Our very own brand ambassador and chef extraordinaire, Peter Sidwell, has created a delicious meat-plant blend Asian Meatballs recipe, which swaps out a portion of meat in favour of succulent California Prunes and tasty cashews.


Get your bake on

Did you know that California Prunes can help you reduce the fat content in your baking by up to a quarter?

Simply switch out some of the butter and add in some diced, chopped, or even whole prunes, which are free of fat and saturated fat. You can also replace processed sugar with our prunes too – the naturally occurring sugars will sweeten your bakes instead.

Plus you get the added benefit of a cheeky boost of bone and gut-friendly nutrients –  our prized prunes are high in both vitamin K and fibre!


Power up with purple

If you just fancy a quick snack, a handful of dried prunes a day are an easy and tasty way to achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle, thanks to the range of vitamins and minerals they contain.


From fibre and vitamin K to potassium, vitamin B6, copper, and manganese, these vitamins and minerals form a web of vital functions to support gut and bone health and the immune system.


We’ve spent decades researching the positive effects California Prunes can have on our health; highlighting how the vitamin K and manganese in prunes support our bones,  and how fibre can keep your gut healthy. All the taste, and all the goodness too!


Feeling inspired? We have a host of delicious and easy-to-follow recipes here.