14th  July 2023


California Prunes add sunshine to Peter Sidwell’s summer dishes

California Prune Board ambassador Peter Sidwell has unveiled a host of recipes to inject some much-needed Californian sunshine into the UK summer.

Chef, TV presenter, and author Peter has been exploring the versatility of prunes in a range of delicious dishes, from a sweet summer Pad Thai with California Prunes to a mouth-watering California Prune Tiramisu with Prosecco.

Peter Sidwell’s California Prune Tiramisu with Prosecco


Peter explains: “I love to innovate in the kitchen using high quality ingredients to develop delicious dishes. California Prunes offer sweetness to savoury cuisine and sweet desserts while adding nutritional value.


“California Prunes work well with so many different flavours, from zingy ginger and succulent pork to creamy cheeses and earthy nuts, all of which I’ve incorporated into my latest recipes.’


Peter has developed six easy-to-follow recipes in a three-part video series, Peter Sidwell’s Kitchen Summer Cooking with California Prunes, which is available now on YouTube.


Peter’s recipes can also be found on www.californiaprunes.net



Editor’s Notes


The California Prune Board was established in 1952 to represent growers and handlers under the authority of the California Secretary of Food and Agriculture. California is the world’s largest producer of prunes with orchards across 14 counties in the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys. Promoting a lifetime of wellness through the enjoyment of California Prunes, the organisation leads the premium prune category with generations of craftsmanship supported by California’s leading food safety and sustainability standards. California Prunes. Prunes. For life.