17th November 2020


California Prune Board reappoints Peter Sidwell and Stefano Collomb as Brand Ambassadors

The California Prune Board has announced UK-based chef, Peter Sidwell and Italian master chocolatier, Stefano Collomb as its brand ambassadors for 2021. The Board’s ongoing collaboration with Peter and Stefano will see the pair developing a series of exciting recipes and chocolates, infused with the rich and sweet taste of California Prunes.

Innovation Chef and California Prune Board Ambassador, Peter Sidwell

Chef, author and TV presenter Peter Sidwell has worked with the California Prune Board since 2017, raising awareness of the nutritional benefits of Californian Prunes and highlighting the delicious flavour they add to a range of dishes and baked goods. In addition to his extensive culinary expertise, Peter works as a consultant to food professionals, developing innovative and commercially viable products from his multi-media food creation studio and development kitchen in the Lake District.

Peter’s plans for the California Prune Board include the development of 10 brand new creations, accompanied by digital content to showcase his recipes to trade and consumer audiences.  Peter says: “California Prunes are a versatile and delicious addition to a range of dishes, adding sweetness, texture and depth in flavour. They’re tasty, high in quality and extremely nutritious, and can be used by food producers, chefs and consumers to bring any type of cuisine to life.”


Stefano Collomb 2019-2020 – Xmas Torrone

Meanwhile, renowned master chocolatier Stefano Collomb is continuing his work for the California Prune Board from his confectionary-chocolatier, ‘Chocolat’ in Thuile, in the Aosta Valley region of Italy. Stefano crafts exquisite artisan creations, pairing his premium-quality chocolate with California Prunes, and has worked with the Board since 2019.

Stefano says: “California Prunes are a delectable dried fruit, which combine beautifully with chocolate, and are savoured by my customers for their aroma, taste and texture. I’ve got some exciting plans in development, which will combine the succulence of California Prunes with my high-quality chocolates.”

The California Prune Board is also continuing its partnership with chef, Sonia Peronaci and food blogger, Teresa Balzano; Italian social media influencers who create and share recipes with their followers.

Kevin Verbruggen, European Marketing Director, California Prune Board, says of the appointments: “We’re delighted Peter and Stefano have renewed their relationships with California Prune Board. Both are passionate about how California Prunes can enhance and enrich recipes and products, as well as the nutritional benefits and versatility they offer. We’re excited to see and share what Peter and Stefano have in store for 2021.”

For more information on California Prunes, visit www.californiaprunes.co.uk

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